Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hi there

I started sewing about two and a half years ago, using my mom's sewing machine from the 1970s. Like many sewists, I started with aprons and napkins. Before long, I invested in my own (modern) sewing machine, and for Christmas 2012, I decided that I would make all of my gifts for family and friends.  

Since then, I like to think that my skills have improved.  Now, I mostly sew clothes for myself.  I also sew some clothes and other household projects for family and friends. 

Fabric and notions for a McCall's dress

Me Made Makes will be my sewing blog.  I'll post my sewing plans, works in progress, finished projects, as well as, perhaps, my ideas on integrating my makes into my wardrobe and everyday life.  

My current sewing goal is to make enough clothes this winter and spring to participate in Me Made May 2014.  The idea with Me Made May is to wear at least one garment that I've made for the entire month of May.

I hope you enjoy reading, and maybe even become inspired to sew something too!


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