Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Orange Plantain

Deer and Doe, a French designer, recently released their Plantain t-shirt pattern for free. After seeing Plantains pop up all over the blogosphere, I decided to make my own. 

I started and finished this shirt (just my third-ever shirt) on Sunday. Sewing an entire garment in one day is a record for me. This pattern is nice and simple, with just four pieces, five if you include the elbow patches. It includes three different sleeve options: short, long, and 3/4 like I've done, so it's pretty versatile as well. 

I'll admit that I am a noob at knit fabrics.  This is only the second item I've ever made using knit fabric. The fabric is a thin cotton knit from G Street Fabrics.  G Street is a local small chain fabric store.  In the back, they have a handful of giant shelves filled with wonderful fabrics for $2.97 per yard.  This orange fabric was one of my finds from my most recent trip. I got just over one yard. 

Back (this is closer to the actual color)

Doe and Deer's Plantain pattern calls for much more fabric than I bought, so I was a little worried about making the pieces fit.  It came together with no problem, though, and I was able to properly align all of the pieces with the grain. 

The shirt came together easily.  I used my regular sewing machine with a zig zag stitch.  I didn't have any trouble attaching the neckline, and I think it has a nice and professional finish.  

Neckline detail

My only issue came to light once the shirt was almost finished.  In my excitement, I didn't really read the sizing chart that comes with the pattern.  I jumped right in and started cutting the smallest size (as I typically do with commercial many patterns).  I tried the shirt on once the side seams were sewn, only to realize that I should have cut a size or two larger.  Hence, there are no pictures of this shirt on a person. Next time... 

I do plan on making this shirt again, in a more appropriate size for me.  

Pattern: Plantain by Deer and Doe
Fabric: Orange cotton knit from G Street Fabrics
Cost: About $4
Time: 4(ish) hours

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