Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sewing for Spring

I haven't finished any sewing projects for a while.  The last thing I finished was the floral plantain t-shirt which I blogged about here.  

My knit wrap dress is now all in one piece, but it is not finished.  I need to adjust where the bodice meets the skirt along the waist.  Otherwise, it is complete.  The sleeves are finished, the hem is hemmed.  I haven't finished it yet, though, because it doesn't fit.  The top is just too big. I don't know why I try to listen to the measurements listed on commercial patterns.  They always turn out too big.  It's another story with independent patterns, though.  

To motivate myself for some spring sewing success, I did a little shopping last night.  I bought Tilly's new Coco pattern.  

The pattern comes with shirt and dress variations with pocket and neckline options.  For my first Coco, I'm planning on making a houndstooth dress. I bought this fabric to do so from www.fabric.com. I've already printed out the 31 pages of pattern to start assembling.  I also wanted a horizontal striped dress for a while now, so that might be in the queue soon.

A while ago, I made Tilly's Miette skirt. It was my first independent pattern and I was impressed.  Her directions are super easy to follow.  They are organized as a check list, which is how my brain tends to function.  Here's my Miette.

Happy sewing!

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