Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mushroom skirt

During Me Made May I realized how versatile my pink a-line skirt is.  After all, I did wear it practically every week. I also realized that this was one of the first skirts I ever made, and some of the finishings leave a little to be desired.

So, I decided to make another skirt from the same pattern.  This time, in a crazy mushroom print.  I bought this fabric from G Street Fabrics a while ago.  Occasionally they have a Groupon-esque deal where you get $40 worth of merchandise for $20.  This fabric was a splurge for me, but I figured, since it was basically half off anyways, why not! Now I have at least a yard of it leftover.  What to do, what to do. 

This skirt came together really quickly, thanks to my improved skills and familiarity with the pattern. At least I'm using my patterns more than once, right? I was careful to finish the waistband more professionally this time, and am pleased with the results.  I also remembered to include all 4 belt loops!  Somehow I frequently end up either completely forgetting to attach the belt loops I put assemble or with only half of them attached.  That fault has been conquered (on this skirt at least!).

In terms of versatility, this skirt isn't quite as practical as the pink version.  The mushroom print is a little bold, and not really office appropriate, but I think it will be great this summer once my lifestyle changes! T-1 week. 

Pattern: NewLook 0116 
Fabric: Printed cotton from G Street Fabrics
Cost: 1 yard of fabric@ about $10/yard = $10

Time: Approximately 3 hours

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