Monday, August 25, 2014

Saying goodbye to some me-made makes

At the end of Me Made May, I confessed that there were some makes that never made it into my outfits throughout the month.  In packing up to move, I decided that it really was time to donate some of them.   I really appreciate it when bloggers show their failures as well as their successes, so here goes...

First up is a jacket from Simplicity 1688. This jacket is the reason I bought the pattern, which I made up first,  using a cabernet-colored lightweight denim and a silver polyester lining.   I was really proud of it when I made it.  All of the seams are completely enclosed, and the armholes are finished with bias tape (a first for me with sleeves).  It looks cute enough, right? 

The problem is the fit.  When I wear it, it hangs off of my back like a stiff cape in the wind.  In order to make it fit, I would need to take a giant (3-4 inch) wedge out of the back.  If I ever make this pattern again, I can make that adjustment to the pattern piece.  It's too late for this jacket.  The pattern didn't go completely to waste though, because it is the pattern I later used to make my chambray dress

Next up is the Sorbetto tank by Colette. This free pattern is pretty popular in the blogosphere.  I decided to give it a go one night when I wanted a quick project. I learned how to make my own bias tape on this tank, and sewed my first French seams.  Other than that, it was a disaster.

At first the tank turned out super boxy....even more boxy than it is in the picture above.  I took in the side seams a considerable amount, which helped.  But once I remedied that issue, it was just too short and tight in the chest.  It looks short in the picture on Colette's website, and I lengthened it by about an inch to compensate, but it is still multiple inches too short. The terrible pictures show the monstrosity of fitting issues. I don't intend on trying this pattern again.  It doesn't seem to be made for my body type. 

And then there was my lame attempt at pajama shorts. I think the problem with these was my lack of effort.  The blue pair is made out of an old shower curtain and the yellow pair has black elastic in the waistband.  What was I thinking?? I've never worn these.  Hopefully someone else will like them more than I do.


Last but not least is the cute little clutch.  I won the pattern as part of a giveaway and made it up over a year ago.  It is the Little Bow Pleat Party Purse Clutch Bag. This bag was a lot of fun to make, and looks great inside and out.

It is lined, has a magnetic closure, and even features a zipped pocket.  I made this bag to specifically match one of my favorite dresses.  The one that I wear to almost every wedding.  It didn't end up matching that dress. At all. Or any of my other dresses.  It was fun to make, but just doesn't match anything I own.  Hopefully someone else will appreciate it and actually use it, too!

That wasn't too painful, really.  I have definitely learned a thing or two since these makes.  Two of these makes were thrown together, and two were well planned.  It was much harder to give up the quality makes (the jacket and clutch). As my mom always said, "If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well." I think I've learned my lesson with the tank and shorts, so no more haphazard makes for me.  As for the jacket and clutch,  you win some and you lose some.  

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