Monday, June 16, 2014

Patio Chair Cushions

Word of my sewing abilities has started to spread around my office.  It's not rare for a coworker to ask if I've made something I'm wearing.  I enjoy talking about sewing, so it's nice that people notice.  It's even nicer when they ask if I've made one of my favorite RTW pieces. I've also started to receive a different sort of attention for my sewing. 

One of my coworkers asked me if I'd be interested in making her new patio chair cushions.  She had been using the original ones that came with her furniture set, and they were looking a little rough... maybe more than a little.  

This was a super easy project. All of the materials were provided for me: outdoor fabric, fabric ties, and batting.  I just had to put it together. The process was a little comical, really.  I figured out that the cushions had about the same circumference as a pizza tray, so I traced a pizza tray onto the fabric and the batting in order to get an accurate circle before cutting them out. 

 Once they were cut out, I sewed the single seam (! so much simpler than making a garment) leaving it open between the ties.  I stuffed the cushions with three layers of batting and then hand sewed up the remaining seam.  Easy peasy.  In fact, I completed the whole process over two episodes of House Hunters. 

Here they are in action, on my coworker's deck.  Such an improvement!

Pattern: N/a
Fabric: Outdoor fabric and batting provided for me 
Cost: Unknown
Time: 2 hours

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